The dangers of sisterhood


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Dear sisters… when we hear this, we feel cosy, warm and connected, don’t we.

Remembering that we all share some, if not many similarities and we have something that men do not seem to have or at least it seems different for them… there is something which makes it special to be a woman, makes it easy to understand each other, connect with every other woman, no matter how old she is, no matter where in the world she is from, there are moments in life when we just need to look at each other and understand… simply because we are women.

And we all enjoy this way of connecting, don’t we.

There are deep friendships among us, there are things we can share with our female friends and make our burden a little lighter mutually, listen to each other, give and receive support, understanding and sometimes good advice – there is a lot of love, trust and warmth in female, close friendships – something men do not seem to have or may not need to the same amount or extend.

Even more so is it a crying shame when women work for the devil and recruit for him, when they infect other women, defile them with demons and lead them astray, away from GOD.
If that happens in the name of sisterhood, it is a betrayal in itself, because the sisterhood and femininity as a whole is damaged by it.

I am talking about witches and the ways they hit us in a mean, sneaky way behind our backs and under the disguise of a sister woman whom we can trust.

Especially the new age witches are extremely dangerous!

They lure us with promises that we can deepen our connection to ourselves and to each other… and if we long for this, we are prone to be infected.
Usually, the divination is already obvious in the title or in the description of what they are offering – they are talking about “mama earth”, about us or them or all women being “goddesses” and then it gets worse:
they usually sell some cursed and demonised items like charms, malas, mandalas, or crystals or jewellery or even much worse – the worst you can do is put a cursed object like a yoni egg or something inside your vagina, it will make you really, really sick and what happens is that demons enter extremely deep into your being and infiltrate everything.
Usually they also teach something like tantra or yoga or some form of dances or they tell you you should live your sexuality freely, i.e. sleep around.

Sisters, and I mean sisters in CHRIST, stay away from these false promises and from these sins!
You are getting yourselves into serious trouble!

Yoga, tantra, all goddess trainings or retreats, even most ways of dancing are simply forms of satanic worship!

And the worst is when they extend their teachings into the sexual area and tell sisters how to be sexually more free and wild and all that yadayadayada…
The partner of the person/ warlock/ satanist, who has been astrally attacking me for more than 5 years now, his name is Jafree Ozwald ( and her name is Mira Malin Scogsdotter, she calls herself “dakini” ( is doing all of these things, which means she is definitely a witch and is worshipping satan and she is abusing every woman who trusts in her and last, but not least or shall we say worse, but not worst, she is encouraging her so called “sisters” to fornicate and to literally invite demons to enter them…
What she was also doing in my case, she has been supporting him, her current or ex-partner Jafree, to destroy my life and many other lives.
Like I said before, he has supernatural, black magic powers and can astrally enter your body, your mind, your dreams and thoughts and he can also manipulate your outside world in order for you to have accidents, bad luck, misfortune and conflicts flying your way a lot and he can make you depressed, suicidal, poor, sad, angry and very, very sick!
And she knows about it.
At least.
Maybe she is even the boss witch and does the hexes and curses for him or with him, I have no idea how this works and I don’t want to know.
What I do know though is that she has known what he has been doing to me and she has never stopped him.
How do I know?
Because I told her.
I wrote to her.
I did try to appeal to her as a sister, fellow woman and I asked her for help.

She is into tantra, yoga, is a dakini and that makes her an extremely dangerous witch and absolutely nobody’s “sister”!!

All that tantra really IS is a method to brainwash women, to promise them what they are yearning for, a deep connection with a man, in order to open them up to let many men defile them and let them steal their energy and infect them with their demons in the name of “sacred sexuality” and some even compare it to having sex with GOD, I would rather compare it to having sex with the devil, because that is what you truly GET out of all the practices and rituals and initiations and chants and dances – you are getting many, many, new demon “lovers” inside your very being and in case you had not known this, every time you are intimate with a man, doesn’t even matter if you change partners a lot or not, even your future or already husband, it is a merging of your beings, a truly sacred thing and it should only happen under GOD, THE FATHER’s guidance and otherwise, it is a sin and you will only get into trouble and will get sick – and I do not (only) mean physically, I mean mostly spiritually sick, very sick!

Anyway, what I am getting at is, chose your friends and sisters wisely, my dear Christian woman!

The witches are everywhere and they are not going to tell you that they are a witch.
You can meet them in your yoga class, which you hopefully don’t have, because you have already realized that yoga equals devil worship, but you can even meet them in your church – in fact, that’s their preferred hunting ground, because we believers are a threat to satan, the only threat there is, because we have the authority to cast out demons and can destroy his kingdom, so he wants to lead as many of us away from GOD as he can…

So she won’t tell you that she is a witch, on the contrary, she is going to tell you something you long to hear or she will give you something… a present, something beautiful and shiny, sparkly, something you really like… it is cursed!!, do not touch it and get rid of it as soon as you can!! if you can, destroy it, if it cannot be destroyed, throw it away into the garbage, do not give it to someone else, because you will pass the demons and curses it contains on, also if you give it to second hand shops or sell it on the flea market, do not!!

Just like we believers cannot and should not have a partner who is a non believer, we are even more in danger and extremely vulnerable and prone to be demonized by a non believing friend.
I am not saying all non believing women are witches, but they are most likely to be more demonized or more unaware of the snares of the devil than fellow believer sisters… and they might as well actively and knowingly be into satan worshipping practices – you will most likely not know if they know or not, but you will be able to SEE if they have let the devil into their lives, so whatch out, my dear sister in CHRIST.

“My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge” Hosea 4: 6

Educate yourselves, sisters!
Do your research.
Chose wisely whom you put your trust in and give your friendship to.
And please, please, do yourself a favor and stay by any means away from the entire new age scene and from ALL it represents and sells – THIS is one of the most demonized movements and it is very clever, everything they teach and sell is from the devil and bringing you further away from THE ONE TRUE LIVING GOD, OUR FATHER and this movement is so big, almost everyone has a friend who is into something new agy and is trying to draw them in – some are doing it unknowingly, but some deliberately and especially when they are teaching or selling something related to yoga, tantra, enlightenment, manifesting, goddess, sacred sexuality, anything about womb wisdom and sell jewellery, crystals, clothes, anything you will keep with you all the time, then you can know with absolute certainty that they are a witch and you really, really need to stay away from them!!!

I hope and pray that this can inspire and heal you and help you.

May THE LORD bless you and keep you.

The benefits of being under attack by witchcraft/ the occult


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…a little paradox, this title, you may think.

But I am serious.

When I started suffering from the psychic attack I have been under for more than 5 years now, by the man / warlock / satanist, AKA enlightenment teacher, tantra and yoga and manifesting guru named Jafree Ozwald (his main website is and his partner (or ex-partner) Mira Malin (Dakini) Scogsdotter (, I knew nothing.
Literally nothing.

I thought I was a good person and I believed in the good in other people, in everyone.

I did no know that I was as far from THE LORD as can be.

These occultists and cult leaders and satanists are using language very skillfully.
They are talking about “god” and “truth” and “love” and when you are uneducated like I was, you will believe they are good people, too.

“My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge”
If you have not yet done so, look this up in the bible and find out what it is about.

This is exactly what happened to me and what is happening to millions of people all over the world.

And it is also the best thing about all these attacks and the horror they sent my way:
I started searching for a remedy.
And I found GOD.
The one true LIVING GOD.
It was all set up by HIM.
If I hadn’t been in so much pain, I would still be out there, full of myself, living a self-righteous instead of a saved and righteous life, believing I was a good person instead of knowing I am a child of GOD…

There is so much deception and so many snares of the devil and it is literally everywhere.

What these false religions are doing is they are using our laziness and our hubris.
We think we are smart and know it all and we think when we do good and do not hurt anyone, we are godful people.
That’s not enough though and it is not what the bible says, at least not all it says.
And as long as we do not get into the word and do not find out and do not study what GOD says and what HE wants us to do with our lives, we don’t know anything and we are in fact not serving HIM, but the enemy.
That is exactly what the enemy wants.
To distract us and mislead us, confuse us.
And we let him.
Because for some reason, we don’t think we need to read the bible… we think we know what life is about and we read tons of other books and feed our pride and vanity by how much we know and how well educated we are, talking about scripture and reciting bible quotes is not exactly what will make you the life of a party, now, is it?
But telling tales about your travels to India and visiting a guru or a tantric or yoga retreat will get you an audience, now, won’t it?
Well, it will also get you a ticket to hell.

Your choice.

As long as we do not know what the enemy does and where he has infiltrated and polluted our lives, he has us.
And as long as the enemy has us, we are not living our lives with GOD.

And there is only one way how we can avoid the enemy having us: knowledge.

And there is only one book we need to read and read daily: the bible.
It’s all in there.
Even going to church and hearing sermons will not necessarily educate you, for many churches are infiltrated by the devil themselves, not kidding!

If your church for instance does not do deliverance, but only healing and if you are never hearing of and are perhaps not even allowed to talk about demons, then chances are that not GOD is ruling over this church, but the other one is.

Again: do not believe me, do your research.
Read the bible.
Find out what JESUS did.
Every place he came to, what did he do?
He preached, he healed AND he cast out demons.
And he stated many times and on many occasions that his followers will do the same.
3 things, not 2!!

If one is missing, why would that be so?
Who the hell would have an interest in the church not doing or teaching about casting out demons?
Do you really think GOD would mind if all the demons in this world would be cast into the pit?
Think about it for one second…

Or do you believe that praying and listening to sermons and singing is enough?
Well, if that is so, why are so many people, even believers, tormented and haunted by demons?
Are they all non believers, in case you believe that Christians cannot have demons, do you really think it is that simple?
And you yourself, secretly, when you examine your life, do you not find any demons in there?
Or in your body, in your mind?
And if praying is enough, why is that not all JESUS did?
Why would he do something not necessary?
And most of all, why was it so effective???
If healing had been enough, why are there so many testimonies about the casting out of demons in the bible?
And if you take it further, why are we nowadays treating so many demons as if they were diseases?
And even with diseases, why are we going to doctors and therapists instead of praying and asking GOD for healing?

What I believe is that demons cannot be prayed away, they have to be cast out by the authority we are given as children of GOD.

And why I believe it is not only because it is in the bible.

It is also because IT WORKS.

But again: do not believe me.
Ask THE LORD, do your research and read your bible.

A page which I found very helpful is
A Christian author who’s teachings I value very much is Derek Prince.
And I also like the prayer videos of “mrpastor77” on youtube.
But I am sure you will find your own sources and your own proof in the bible and in your own conversations with OUR FATHER.

I hope and pray that this may inspire, help and heal you.
May THE LORD bless you and keep you.

How and why demons get into our lives and what to do about it


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If you ever have closer contact to a witch or a warlock – most of them will not tell you they are one!! – you will surely regret it.

They will betray you, hurt you and most of all, they will use every single piece of information they can gain about you against you.

My attacker, for instance, when he still had power over me, he hypnotized me into trusting him and even into believing that I loved him.
I told him everything about me, my deepest secrets.

Of course, that was very stupid and it was a big mistake.
But I was so manipulated and mind controlled that I did not even realize that I was being a complete idiot, telling a stranger, an enlightenment guru (that should have been enough to stay away from him!!) about my life and especially about my intimate life and thoughts.

BUT I am absolutely sure that I am not the only one.
In fact, every therapist and every guru knows all the innermost secrets of their patients, followers, students, disciples, whatever you may call them and what I am aiming at is to demonstrate that this is how they gain their power over us.
It is a pattern actually, because so many mechanisms in our societies are made like that and the vow of confidentiality does not change the fact that you are telling your innermost secrets to a person and thus, you are letting your guard down and sharing things which you should only share with GOD and you are even letting them make decisions over YOU, over YOUR LIFE – that is the exact moment when the door is opened for evil to enter.
Just think about it for a moment, how many times have you let someone gain power over you – a teacher, a lawyer, a doctor, a therapist…
I am not saying you can never do that again, me personally, I won’t, but that is a personal decision, I just want to raise your awareness where and when you may be putting human beings over GOD – he is GONE in these moments, he is even furious… he will forgive you of course, but what if you don’t even know you have done something which is displeasing to him?

I think that is the main cause and root why we have demons, we are not aware where and when we are allowing them into our lives.

This is why I am sharing my story here.

So that you can avoid the mistakes I made or learn form them in some way.

Anyhow, back to my realisation from when I awoke earlier last night:
today, it is very hard to understand why I did that, told a stranger I had never met before all about my life via email… today I mostly remember having been doing spiritual warfare against his witchcraft and black magic for many years now, but in the beginning, I did not even know what that is and did not believe in black magic or witches or evil… on the contrary, I believed in the good in everyone and I mean everyone…
I did not know and would not have believed you if you had told me that there truly are beings who had given their lives to satan…
I was even doing hypnosis myself, because I wanted to help people, like other therapists, who may not be aware that what they are doing is actually black magic mind control and that they are opening their patients’ subconscious up for demons to enter… if I had known that, I would have never, ever touched any therapeutic method. I even believed I was doing good!!!

So the reason why this regret came up again today – and regret and sorrow is an extremely tormenting demon! – about having told this monster in a male body (his name is Jafree Ozwald by the way and I have written several articles about his black magic attacks on this blog) told the details about my life was I woke up in the middle of the night and I realized that I had had a dream about a love of mine from my past… a dream which did not come from me, from my mind, it had been put in there by witchcraft…not only did it make me realize that what I believed in my past to be love was not love, because it was not from GOD, but it also made me realize that he (Jafree) is still sending me fake dreams and trying to mess with my life while I am sleeping.

What is the conclusion?

From all I learned and in a way, even though I have literally been going through hell for years now, I am glad about what happened to me, because it gave me the opportunity to learn all this… and one of my main conclusions is that I can with absolute certainty tell you that EVERYBODY has demons.

Yes, so do you, my dear brother or sister.

I have done so much research about this – by the way, Derek Prince is a very good source of information for Christians about demons and about how to cast them out and about spiritual warfare – and the more I pray and read about this, the more aware I become that they are literally everywhere and trying to pollute and control every aspect of everybody’s life as much as they can and as much as this person will let them. I can see them take over when a person is behaving mean or scared or paranoid or violent, I can see when someone gets depressed or is driven to do certain things, get drunk for instance, I can literally see the shift in them when something else is coming to the forefront… and these are just a few examples… demons are luring everywhere and they are waiting day and night to enter us and to rob us from our blessings, from our happiness and most of all from our relationship with OUR FATHER GOD.

They come in through sins, but not only that, unfortunately, they can come in through many other doors, for instance, curses, spells, black magic, therapy, yoga, medication, drugs, even food! – and I am clearly NOT suggesting that you go vegan, because that is not in the bible, I even think that some of the vegan products out there are cursed, but I know for sure that if you buy halal products for instance – and some are even halal without saying so, you have to do research to find out – you will get yourself some demons which come in through false religion, let alone from the rumours which go around in all the conspiracy material on the internet about for instance ingredients from baby foetuses being in pepsi…

I don’t mean to scare anyone – or make you invite the demon of paranoia into your life, which is in my opinion what all the UFO stuff is about, but that’s another subject…

What I am trying to tell you and teach you is this

  1. Everybody has demons in them
  2. We all need to educate ourselves, because the main reason the demons can be inside of us is
    that we are too ignorant to even know that our pain comes from a demon

  3. If want to be free, you HAVE TO do spiritual warfare and deliverance every single day for the
    rest of your life!
    And to be honest, I can only recommend doing that if you are a Christian and if you have
    already been saved, because otherwise, if you have not yet given your life to THE LORD JESUS
    CHRIST and you or someone else casts out your demons, then you are in even bigger trouble
    than before, because they will be gone only for a short while and then 7 worse and meaner
    ones will come back!!!
    This is not me saying that, by the way, it is in the BIBLE, I am not giving you a quote and I
    am doing that on purpose, because I want you to do your own research – your own research and
    you yourself and alone without anyone telling you what to do and where to go need to get into
    the word – daily!! – if you want to be free.

  4. So doing your research, getting into the word and reading about demons and evil spirits and
    witchcraft is the next thing you need to do – it is CRUCIAL.
    Because if you don’t know what it is that will invite demons into your life, what it is that
    will give them legal rights to be there, then you cannot avoid this kind of behaviour or
    thoughts even – you may have to throw away many things you own, perhaps even clothes,
    jewellery, african masks you brought back from your safari trip, that little buddha statue on
    your desk which shall remind you to stay calm, candles, incense burners, the list
    goes on and on and on…

  5. But again, I am not telling you what to do here.
    YOU need to figure out what to DO and you need to take action and most of all, you need to
    take everything anyone says, what I say, what your friends say, what any teachers say, what
    books say and yes, what your pastor says, too, to THE LORD in prayer and ask him to give you
    the gift of discernment, to guide you towards the truth, to give you insights and
    instructions – and HE WILL.

  6. praying in tongues helps me a lot… and every time I notice an attack, which is many, many
    times during my days and nights, I cast them out in the name of JESUS and do deliverance and
    spiritual warfare and that is the exact same thing I recommend you should do! In case you
    don’t know how to pray or what to say, go to, there is tons of free
    material there…

So I hope and pray this will help, inspire and heal you.
May THE LORD bless you and keep you.

What has been happening to me since I started this blog

…this is not the first blog or campaign I have started during the period of more than 5 years now since I have been under astral, severe and nonstop attack by the person/ entity I have already written about.

His human name is Jafree Ozwald, he has many websites,,,, just to name a few. And he was or still is (working) together with Mira Malin Scogsdotter, who’s website is
They are both heavily demonized and most likely witches, warlocks, satanists, occultists, for sure they are practising black magic which is the method by which they have been attacking, harming and hurting me. On the outside, they are claiming to be into yoga, tantra, enlightenment, manifesting and all other new age crap.
Once you have educated yourself about all of this and looked into these issues deeper, it won’t take you long to discover that they are all only codes for satanists and that the higher ranks of these practitioners all knowingly, the lower ones and the poor, innocent souls they capture unknowingly, but still they ALL are worshipping the devil. And what they are doing, all they are doing is to work for him, help him increase his kingdom, destroying, torturing and feeding off other beings’ life force, emotions and stealing their lives and what they are really doing is trying to kill them and this world…

Do your own research, you will come across it all, it is not my idea, but the entire and mere truth.

So what has been happening to me every time when I started a truth campaign is that the attacks have gotten much worse.
They have even tried to intimidate me many times before, threatened me and astrally, you have no idea about the fire I have been and especially am under currently.
What I will not do is go into detail here.
And I will tell you why:
they have an entire army which is out there to especially destroy us believers, and when we are exposing them even more so.
They are doing all they can and using all their black magic abilities and arms and mean methods.
If I told you about my symptoms or about what I am experiencing, that would give them confirmation about which of their methods are working and I do not want that.

If you think that you are under attack, you probably are. Or let me put it that way: we probably all are, but the enemy tries to leave us in the dark about this fact and only when we become aware enough and only when GOD reveals it to us through THE HOLY SPIRIT, only then can we realize what is really going on.

So what happened the times before when I started a truth campaign and exposed them, I gave up.

Not this time though.

I have taken many precautions this time and I can tell you about that, because they might be a good idea for you, too, if you are in a similar situation.

What I have done during these 5 years is I have changed countries a lot.

This excruciating pain a person under an attack like that is under constantly and the fact that it is an absolute taboo is also quite isolating in a way, so in my “outside life”, only very, very few very close friends know what is going on, the rest of the people I interact with have no idea, I am sort of living a double life.

It is partly what the enemy wants, to isolate you, but I managed to use it to my advantage… nobody knows where I am, what I do for a living and that is one of the reasons this blog has to be and stay anonymous, because otherwise, they would blackmail me for sure  – that’s what they USUALLY do by the way…

It took me YEARS literally to become strong enough and in THE WORD deep enough to be able to withstand this.
Nowadays, I KNOW that GOD, MY FATHER, OUR FATHER, has my back and protects me. Otherwise, I would already be dead. Because now that I am actively exposing them, they are permanently trying to kill me.

You mustn’t be fooled into believing that I am paranoid – by the way, paranoia and any other mental illness is just an evil spirit tormenting you and if you make the mistake to take drugs or get therapy or go to a doctor, they have you even more and perhaps even permanently – this is REAL STUFF, folks!
Those of you who are suffering from the same issues and are still completely in the dark will know exactly what I am talking about!
I just really HOPE AND PRAY that they will somehow FIND these articles and will also somehow find their strength IN THE LORD to do the same, to expose the enemy – we need to become so many more, need to become as many as they are, need to build up our army as well, but not an evil army like the one they have, but we all need to become FULL TIME PRAYER WARRIORS!!!

Actually what we need to do is to pray that EVERYONE, every single person polluted and infected by the sting of the devil will become SAVED and BORN AGAIN and will live on our side and become one of GOD’s children. That is the only way how we can save the world. Only if they became saved would they become unable to do all the evil they are doing – to me and to so many others. And of course, my attackers and tormentors are not the only ones out there – they are great in number, much greater than us, dear brothers and sisters in CHRIST!!

So I hope you did find some more information which can help you here.

By the way, I know I recommended a youtube channel before, but I will do so again, because this guy really knows the enemy and what they are doing and his prayers have helped me a great deal and my THE LORD BLESS this man for what he is doing:
look up “mrpastor77”, he has tons of videos with prayers against all kinds of evil.
Furthermore, this site has some great information, articles, audios and many prayers as well and I find it very helpful:

If you did – or even if you did not, but want to help me anyway, there IS something I am asking everyone reading this to do for me and for our cause and against the enemy:

I am not asking for money or donations.
Actually, I think this is one way to differenciate between those who are on GOD’s side and those who are working for the dark side. GOD’s information and help is completely FREE, I am not making money out of this, not selling anything, so why would I lie????

THEY, on the other hand, are making a living out of their satanic practices, programs, rituals, articles, sessions, online classes and retreats or seminars.

So by just applying mere logic here, who will have an interest in you truly finding out the truth and who will want you to believe them in order to get your money??

So if you will and if you are a christian brother or sister and have the time and the heart to do so, will you please pray for me?

They are so many and they are also harvesting and stealing energy from so many forces, so I literally have legions of demons and occultists against me.

GOD is on my side, of course and I know he is.
And still, a little help from my brothers and sisters will be gladly appreciated.

Thank you.

May THE LORD bless you and keep you.

How I got baptized by John the baptist in the Jordan River in 2016


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I went to the Holy Land last winter.

I wanted to be closer to GOD and to JESUS.

And I found them there in many places and in many occurences!

If you ever would like to strengthen and deepen your connection with GOD and JESUS, I can only recommend going there –  it was amazing, incredibly rewarding and I saw, found and learned so many things which I cannot even describe.

One thing, which will remain with me for the rest of my life though and which I like to tell everyone about is that (and if they are interested to hear how that happened) I was baptized in the Jordan River by John the baptist.

And it is really true!

2016 years after our lord JESUS CHRIST was born, John the baptist baptized me in the Jordan River!!

So I booked this guided tour, which takes you to Nazareth, Capernaun, the Lake of Gallilee and also to this baptism site at the Jordan River.
I had already heard that you can be baptized there and on our way when we drove up, I prayed and asked THE FATHER if he wanted me to do this.
I heard that it wasn’t necessary and that it had nothing to do with me being his child or being saved or not… and then I remembered that even JESUS, HIS SON, decided to be baptized as an act of honor and to give glory to THE FATHER and even though John the Baptist thought he was not worthy of baptizing the messiah himself… so I decided that I might as well give OUR FATHER the honor and show my obedience and submission to him and I asked around, but there was no minister on our bus, so I thought I would just go there and go with the flow…

I came to the shop where they sell the dresses you need to be allowed to go into the water for your baptism, I bought one, got changed and went down to the water.
When I got there, there was an American group waiting to be baptized and the minister was preaching… I sat down and I quite liked what he said – it was pretty much the exact same thing I had thought or “heard” on the bus when I was praying, his sermon was about the baptism not being an act of salvation and that it would not make you belong to GOD’s kingdom, but that it was more an act of obedience and he also talked about JESUS’ baptizm…

When the sermon was finished and they were all queuing up to go into the water, I got to the end of the queue and asked the minister if I could join them and be baptized by the other minister, who was already in the water, too.

He agreed and so I went and what I remember was that the water was FREEZING cold and I was wondering how I would manage to go in there all the way… the Jordan River comes from the mountains over there and the average water temperature in December there is usually around 10° Celsius – if you knew me, you would know that I never, ever go into water which is below 20° even if everyone else is going in – so I was getting closer and closer to being dipped into it all the way and I was already in there to my hips and it was sooo cold… that’s all I remember from the water temperature though… what was going on spiritually, was far more exciting and my body seemed to help me forget the cold water.

The minister asked me for my name and if I was willing to give my life to CHRIST. When I agreed, he baptized me.

It was one of the most amazing and touching moments of my entire life!

I came out of the water, someone handed me a towel and I couldn’t speak, I just cried and cried and cried… I had been touched by the HOLY SPIRIT!

I went to the changing rooms, dried myself up and put my clothes back on and when I came out, this lady, who seemed to be the leader of this group I had joined came and talked to me and asked me where I was from and so on… turned out she was the wife of the minister who had just baptized all of us, his name was “John” and they were a group of American BAPTISTS who had come to the Holy Land to show GOD their obedience and be baptized…

Later on the bus, I was still in a smiling, extremely happy and dreamy mood and only then did it occur to me what had just happened, that I had been baptized in the Jordan River by John, the baptist.

I don’t remember the exact times, moments when or reasons why I had ever doubted my faith before this.
Ever since then, there is no way my mind or heart could even go there.
This was MY miracle.
MY sign.
MY proof – if I ever needed any…

NOTHING is impossible for THE ALLMIGHTY.

I hope and pray that my story can help you to always remember that.
And that you can be healed and inspired from reading my story.

May THE LORD bless you and keep you.

About therapy, psychology and GOD


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What I don’t think I’ve mentioned before is that I used to be a therapist, a hypnotherapist to be precise.

Yes, I was on a mission.
I wanted to help people get well or at least better –  I wanted it with all my heart!
I spent years of studying healing methods, every one I came across actually, became certified in hypnotherapy, NLP, systemic constellations, the work of Byron Katie, Ho’oponopono and if my life hadn’t taken this horrific turn, I would have probably become a shaman, too…

And one thing I was always wondering about:
not only did I myself not become truly well, but worse while on this journey, but also  – and that seemed to be the most puzzling thing for me –  did I not see ONE teacher, mentor, therapist, counselor, coach, healer or whatever you may call them, who was actually mentally sane themselves in my view.
I really kept wondering how they can be teaching all these brilliant things and at the same time be so messed up themselves and obviously not having found the answers they are selling…?
I pushed this idea aside a lot… and I thought it was because I was only a beginner and did not have the full insight did I perceive them as AT LEAST as messed up as me or the other students / clients they had…

Well, the rest is history.
GOD let me go down the rabbit hole all the way… and let me discover more and more of the real truth –  I learned about demons, evil spirits and satanism, occult and witchcraft and curses and spells –  and when I began to discover these things and study more about them in THE WORD and in CHRISTIAN literature, when I began to move closer to GOD and to what HE says about illnesses, depression and these evil entities, that was the EXACT moment when I started to feel better, when my REAL healing began and when I realized that I had been ensnared by the devil and that ALL therapists, psychologists, healers, shamans and whatnot practitioners of whatever is out there are, too!

I am not kidding.

Most likely even (medical) doctors.

I kept finding more and more proof for that and my idea that healing (at least healing in any other than in GOD’s name and with any other than HIS help) is actually opening yourself and the other person involved up to DEMONS.

There are various sins which can be committed by various healing methods and means and that will be a different topic in a different article.

Today, let’s stick with psychology.
My mom is a psychologist and she is one of the craziest persons I have ever met.
I would even go as far as calling her a schizophrenic psychopath.
Not an official one.
A hidden one.
An inside the family one and one that is having a perfect facade on the outside.
Part of the deal –  nobody would ever believe me or my father when we talked about her, about what she was really like when no visitors or strangers were around…
But that is also not the point here –  the point is, I do yet have to meet ONE psychologist who has NOT completely lost their marbles.
Do YOU know one??

When you grow up like this and when someone is playing mind games with you ALL the time and when they deny what they have said or done all the time with a might that you certainly do not have, because you are a child, you begin to question yourself a lot and before you ask yourself if the other person is crazy, you will ask yourself FIRST if you yourself have gone mad.
Which of course, opens the door for being an easy prey for all pseudo-healers out there when you are a grown-up.
You keep hearing that you don’t know what is going on, you don’t know anything, you are stupid and of course, that sinks in deeply into your belief system…

And then at some point, I decided to educate myself, to build up this knowledge myself.

That’s where psychology comes in.

Many, if not ALL people who study psychology do so because they want to learn more about their own mental malfunctions and ailments and truly want to heal themselves –  at least it is how it usually starts.

I did not make this up, in fact, I asked ALL of my teachers and therapists and mentors how they came to therapy and ALL of them said that they had a time in their lives when things were not going well and when they were not feeling right and they got some help. And then, they had become so convinced about what had been given to them, about what they had received, that they decided to learn the method themselves and help others as well.
This absolutely includes me when I practiced healing /counseling / hypnosis.
Actually, I found it very rewarding and quite addictive –  not that people admired me, but that they entered my practice feeling low and left feeling strong and light-hearted –  I loved it!!

So for quite a while I thought there was nothing wrong with helping others –  as long as you make it clear that it is not you healing them, but only facilitating their own healing, coming from their inside and only helping them to help themselves… many “healers” do go way beyond that and I always felt that that’s completely wrong, I would probably not have called that what it is, divination, in the past, because I was not aware that they and I were all sinning and offending GOD, but I always avoided these types of “healers” and did not want to be one of them.
Also did I not believe in “labels” or in telling others what was wrong with them other than letting them discover themselves –  with a little help and educated questioning.

Still, what I was really doing was to get in GOD’s way.
Plus I was also infuriating him and serving his enemy.
I didn’t know that.

When I stopped doing this kind of work – I began finding out that it is actually all wrong…

All healing methods somehow have their roots in psychology.
Or at least in the principle that the soul and the spirit man are seperate, most of them even deny the existence (or do not mention or include it, which is practically the same) of the spirit man completely or worse, they equal it with some form of divinational definition such as “the god self” or similar… and they claim that there is  only the human soul (at least the more “modest” theories, opposite to the ones where it gets really crazy, for instance the entire “star seed” fraction, who are demonized times gazillion!!) and they further claim that the soul has different “compartments”.

This is not scriptural.
Hebrews 4:12 shows us that the spirit and soul are connected and not seperate.

Hebrews 4:12New International Version (NIV)

12 For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.

In fact, and you can do all your own research on Carl Jung, there is tons of literature about him in every library! – Carl Jung was the son of a Protestant Minister and he was a daily witness of how his father’s works were in his opinion “failing”, especially failing to deal with the problems of the psyche or the soul of man or the body, so he decided to create an ALTERNATIVE to Christianity.
It is in his writings!!
So what do you believe this makes the entire “science”?
The answer to this is a no brainer!

But let’s explore how psychology came about a bit further:
For instance, the male and the female part of the soul, called “animus” and “anima” in the Jungian psychology. Or the “conscious” and the “unconscious” and then the “collective unconscious”, which some of the nature religions even compare to “spirit” or which are called “the universe” “source energy” or “Christ consciousness” – there are too many names and labels out there to mention them all, but some more are archetypes or shadows…
What Jung’s psychology or Jungian psychotherapy is about in a nutshell is that we have to get in contact with our shadows and find a way of coexisting with them and to integrate them.

What this really means is we should find ways to invite, not fight and integrate demons which have entered us and coexist with them inhabiting our bodies.

Psychology is trying to prevent us from fighting the enemy. It is trying to have us go and see a therapist for the rest of our lives INSTEAD.
Psychology was invented so that we would NOT go to an exorcist or to our pastor when we perceive that we are being attacked or even possessed by a demon.

Spiritual warfare and casting out demons like the bible teaches it is supposed to be eliminated by psychology and it probably worked a great deal and in many, many cases –  most likely even the majority of people, because of the way they were raised – away from GOD, far from the bible and being taught all the time that they do not know what is going on, that they cannot trust their insights, but must adapt and must think the way they are told to think and not listen to the inner voice which is telling them that something is wrong – the majority of people will rather think that they have gone mad or that they need therapy than to realize that a demon has entered them!!!
And then, the enemy has one more!

Interestingly enough, when you study Jung’s work and find out how he found out about all this and about the existence of shadows and animus and anima, it becomes very clear what they are.

He started channelling via automatic handwriting.
He is talking about evil spirits in his early writings.
He himself is calling them evil spirits.
And yet, he continued what he was doing.
Listening to them.

For a Christian, it is easy to know what he was really doing.

He was actually listening to evil spirits and getting deeper and deeper into the occult.

He was entering satan’s kingdom.

And boy, did he enhance satan’s power among mankind!

And even he himself called them evil spirits in the beginning.
He knew that teachings stemming from evil spirits would not be accepted in the world and let alone wold they be considered scientific.
So what he did instead – and he himself is stating this!!! – is he called them “archetypes” and “shadows” instead and other than that, he kept talking to them or more listening to them and learning from them.
Later, he just stopped calling them “evil spirits” and instead, preached what they had told him and made it into a new science, psychology.

The tragody is, everybody believed him and we are now so deeply infiltrated with these teachings which stem from the devil himself, that we can say or have to admit that this was one of the greatest victories of the enemy, that psychology actually became a commonly recognized science and it’s principles are being used to get so many people who are being spiritually attacked into so much more demonic and satanic, spiritual trouble!

So this is how psychology was really founded and how all of its knowledge came about and was spread into millions and gazillions of minds and brains later on –  in order to “heal” them or shall we call it to reprogram them with demons instead of with the HOLY SPIRIT?

What we are really doing when we consult a psychologist or any kind of healer is we are asking those who have learned from a demon possessed being, from the father of psychology, how to listen to evil spirits to open all the doors within ourselves , too, so that demons can enter us as well!!

Call it what you want.
And like I use to say, do your own research.

This blog is about what I have found.

And I am sharing this here to help anyone who is willing to be inspired and healed.

I am not making money out of this.

I don’t have to, I don’t even want to.

What I want is everyone to learn about GOD’s healing powers and about his good intentions for us –  and HIS knowledge and help and teachings are completely FREE.
Nobody owns them, nobody is entitled to get money for them or out of them and everybody can access them.
Even without any help from any teacher or trainer or mentor or counselor, if you don’t want to, you don’t even need to ever go near a pastor or a church at all and you can still learn all about GOD.

And you will get better.

ALL healers and psychologists and therapists are selling something.

They have to make a living.

And the enemy is helping them to do so.

An entire industry is based on these satanic principles.

They are selling so much, the economy of all western societies would probably collapse or at least change dramatically if there were no psychologists, therapists, healers, let alone all the woo-woos out there.

But what they are NOT selling is mental health or wellbeing in any way, they are selling you something you would never want to buy if you had a choice.

It is like ALL the other snares of the enemy.

They make you addicted, weak, dependent, they destroy your own self-controlled thinking, gain control over your mind (even if they personally have good intentions!) and the demons which entered them when they learned these methods will then enter you, it is how they multiply themselves and how satan increases his kingdom!

Just like a church will always strive to gain more followers and evangelize and spread the gospel, so has the enemy many ways to spread demons and infect more people and therapy and psychology and all new age activities are HIS church!!

Like I said, don’t believe me, do your own homework, but please wake up!!!

I hope and pray that this will help you, inspire you and heal you.
May THE LORD bless you and keep you.

Does GOD exist?


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It is not hard to guess what I believe: of course HE does!
But regardless of what you believe about this, bear with me for a while – if you will –  because I am going to make a point here.

And the question is HOW do we or do we not believe he does?

I found that the times when I used to be tempted the most to believe that he might not exist was when I asked for something and did not get it.

Surely, you have had a situation like this in your life.
You may have been sick and asked HIM for healing.
Or you may have been broke and needed a financial blessing.
A new job. Perhaps you were asking for a new partner…?

And you prayed and prayed… and you all know what I have been praying for:
I asked GOD to release me from the satanic astral attacks I have been under for more than 5 years…

And then what happened? What happened in your lives? Were your prayers answered? If they were, you may have believed more or more easily that GOD really exists.
But are you sure it was HE who answered them and gave you what you had asked for? Could have been the enemy as well –  I am not saying it was him, all I am saying is he has powers, too!

By the way: do you believe in the devil?
And if you do, why do you?
Or why don’t you?
I think when we compare our “faith” in GOD and in the devil, it becomes much clearer. Because the devil NEVER does what we want or what is good for us. And yet, many of us may have proof that he does exist.
I mean, if we believe what the bible says, it is very easy, then we MUST believe in the existence of BOTH, GOD and the enemy. Many people don’t though… many churches don’t… I never understood why…

But back to the point: it is easy to believe when we have proof.
And for us, in our human thinking, the easiest proof is probably when GOD is answering and giving us what we had asked for –  or some people like to ask for signs and when they receive one, they are believers.

It is the way we are wired and the way humanity or what is common to be called “love” among humans is like: if you love me, you will give me what I ask of you and if you don’t, you don’t love me. But do you exist if you don’t give me what I want?
Of course you do!
We would NEVER ever question the EXISTENCE of another human being, just because they do not listen to us or do not do what we ask them to do, now, would we?

Actually, there is absolutely no logic to it.
Except that the enemy wants us to think like that.
When we really think about it, we will find that the question of the existence of “someone” can NOT be related of if they do what we ask them to do or not.
It could be a sign of HIS existence if he heard our prayers, yes, it may as well be a sign of the enemy’s existence when he answers them instead of OUR FATHER.

So…what if we don’t get anything from GOD?
No sign, no healing, no help, not even an answer in a form of a thought or inspiration…?

What we really ARE when he doesn’t help us, is we are angry and tiffing at him.
And we are punishing or trying to punish him by not believing in his existence any longer.
Our love is conditional.
And we don’t love him anymore when he doesn’t do anything we want.


And that’s exactly what we are: HIS children.

And do children always get what they want from their parents?
Of course, they can’t.

And when we don’t get what we want from our FATHER in heaven, does that mean he doesn’t love us?
Of course, it doesn’t.

LET ALONE does it mean he does not EXIST.

So I believe our faith is and should be absolutely independent from the outcome of our prayers and desires and needs met or not.

All it means when he doesn’t answer our prayers is that HE will have HIS reasons to do so.
Just like a human father.
GOOD reasons.
Reasons we may or may not be able to fathom.

And after all, it is ENTIRELY up to HIM, EVERYTHING is. If we are sick or healthy, rich or poor, happy or sad… it is all in HIS hands.

I hope and pray that this may help, heal and inspire you.
May THE LORD bless you and keep you.

why witches and warlocks are astrally attacking


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Have you ever been attacked by a witch or a warlock spiritually?

If you have  – like me –  you will know how horrific that is.

Let me briefly tell you what has been happening to me:
I have been astrally attacked by a warlock (and by his partner), their names are Jafree Ozwald and Mira Malin Scogsdotter, they are into tantra, yoga, manifesting and enlightenment and that is their disguise.
What they truly are into, is satanic, occult practices and they can astral project and remote view and enter other people’s bodies and minds and dreams and that’s what they have been doing to me for more than 5 years now.
I have not slept through one night in all this time, I am being woken up every night by these villains, he is energetically causing me pains as well as orgasms against my will, he is manpulating my thoughts, dreams and my outside world, causing many accidents and misfortunes in my life and I have lost everything I had before I came accross this evil entity. Be aware and cautious and tell your friends about it, everything they sell and offer on their websites,,,, – just to name a few, they also give classes and offer online coachings –  whatever it may be, do NOT buy into it, it will not enlighten you or make you feel better, but it will open you up so that their demons can enter you –  and this is in my opinion true for all gurus, tantra and yoga teachers and the entire new age movement.

With that said, I have spent many years of course in spiritually fighting against their attacks, of course, I do not have supernatural powers, nor would I use them if I had any –  even though, when you are so angry and woken up every night, I might have used them if I could have –  so I am glad I didn’t have the opportunity, because then, the enemy would have had me, too, so I am grateful to THE FATHER that I cannot do what they do!

Not only did I do all I could to get rid of them –  and despite all very popular christian beliefs that a child of god cannot be haunted by demons or otherwise they still live in sin, there are exceptions and I am one of them and for some reason, perhaps so that I would write this and educate people and spread the gospel into this very dark, tabu and never spoken about area of our world, GOD has not delivered me from this nightmare  – yet. I KNOW he sees it and hears me and I know I will be victorious one day  –  with HIS help –  but up to this day, I am still under these attacks every day and night 24/7.

So naturally, when someone pines you that much and tortures you for years and years, you think a lot about them –  if they wouldn’t torture me all this time, I would most certainly not waste one minute of my time thinking of them, but they have a way of reminding me of them, an evil and extremely painful way…

And every once in a while, I am thinking of what made them become so evil and why on earth did they submit themselves to the devil and what for???

Well, I think I came to see why and how they became what they are today.

There must have been a time in their lives when they felt empty and lonely and felt they did not belong and they were looking for their purpose, for the deeper reasons of existence.
I can relate to that, because I was asking myself these questions, too at some point in my life.

I was lucky: I found closer to GOD through them. At least after a few fatal detours…

Not them though.
They were caught into the trap of the enemy.
He promised them what he cannot give, because he doesn’t have it:


And that’s what they are really after.
What they truly long for.
They KNOW there MUST be more than that to this life.
And the enemy promises to give it to them.
And there are things he can deliver: some supernatural powers, some earthly and fleshly delights, some miracles, telepathy, astral projection…. and so on and so forth…to sum it up, he can provide ILLUSIONS of what GOD HAS.
It takes a while to realise that what he gives is NOT the real deal.
Of course not, for he is not GOD, but the devil.
Some of them never realise it at all that they are being lied to and conned and what they get is only a poor copy of the real thing and what they give or pay with is their soul and their chance for eternal life next to THE FATHER. Some of them may never realise this before it is too late…
BUT some of them KNOW.
And they are furious that they bet on the wrong horse.
OR they instinctively know that WE, my CHRISTIAN brothers and sister, have something they don’t have and will never have –  the EXACT thing they are after and long for soooooooo much: GOD’S LOVE.
And either they think they can steal it from us, just like they can steal our energy, our life force, our fincances, our happiness, our good health, our career………. or they are simply jealous…. or they want to distract us from talking to OUR FATHER, from spending time with HIM in prayer…

These are the true reasons why they are attacking us.

They KNOW that we HAVE it and that all the supernatural powers in the entire universe can never be as good and true and fulfilling and satisfying as what WE HAVE:


When I remember this, it makes it so much easier to survive these attacks. It makes me see that I am actually not the powerless victim here, but they are!!
There is nothing they can do about this misery they are in!!
And some part of them knows it.
They may be in denial and think the more black magic they do, the more likely they are to get what they are after.
But the exact contrary is the case.
They are literally in what you call a vicious cycle.
The more magic they use, the further they move away from where they want to go, which is HOME TO THE FATHER, because only HE can give us rest and peace… and when I remember that in the midst of being bombarded by their wickedness, the more I can be at ease and relax and know that I am where they will never be: with MY FATHER.

I hope and pray that this can help, heal and inspire you –  especially if you are under astral attack by witches like me.
May THE LORD bless you and keep you.

“god” or GOD


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If you are a Christian brother or sister reading this, a true Christian, you will immediately know what I mean and will agree that you will rather die than swallow, absorb, appreciate, follow, believe, even tolerate something or a person not coming from GOD, the FATHER of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but from what the enemy calls “god” or “the god source”…


Because accepting what the enemy calls “god” equals idolatry and none of us want that.

BUT it is very hard to know the difference sometimes.

The enemy’s false gods and traps we are all supposed to step into in order to MAKE us sin are all over the place and in fact, that is his most frequently used tool to catch souls.

So how can we know if something / someone / an idea / a doctrine is coming from GOD, OUR FATHER?

Even in case I am stating the obvious here, if it is in the bible and since the bible is HIS word, we can rely on it. BUT be aware of some bible quotes out there, which are taken out of the context or incomplete and thus their sense and meaning is completely twisted –  so the best thing is to look it up yourself, make it a prayerful question / conversation with GOD and ask HIM about it, plus read the entire story, then you’ll know what HE means!

Actually, knowing what HE wants to tell us and what he likes and does not like us to do is crucial.
This is probably not so obvious to some of us, at least, it wasn’t to me and that was the exact trap I stepped into.
I used to be fooled into believing as long as it is “good”, it is pleasing to GOD.
I even bought into what the enemy is trying to sell us about all being one source and I even did believe you can make your own laws and do not have to worry so much about what is written and as long as your intention is pure and you are not hurting anyone else, you would be leading a life of GOD.

I was wrong.
What I was really doing was denying HIM and giving my life to the other side.
I didn’t know and I didn’t intend it, but the end result was the same.

I was lost.
In the enemy’s hands.

So as long as you do not take the time and trouble to find out what HE wants from us in order to accept us as his children, you are in danger and most likely NOT able to discern what comes from HIM and what comes from the other –  with fatal consequences for your life, for your soul and for your destiny.

I cannot tell you about and warn you enough about what happened to me:
I fell into the hands of the occult.
I was truly searching for GOD, at least that’s what I thought I was doing, looking for a deeper meaning in my life, for a stronger connection to what I used to call “spirit” or “the divine” – all names for fake “gods”, not even gods, but demons.
And then, I came across this teaching entity who calls himself Jafree Ozwald and his numerous web pages with all kinds of demonic new age crap, yoga, tantra. manifesting, kundalini, sex, juice fasting, enlightenment, buddism, hinduism and all other bullshit you could possibly imagine  – some of his pages are,,,, just to name a few. He is working together with his partner or ex partner, her name is Mira Malin Scogsdotter, she calls herself dakini and her website is
They are both deeply entangled into occult and satanic practices and what he or they have been doing to me for more than 5 years now is absolutely horrific and incredible at the same time.
They are able to astral project and he has been sexually harassing me, waking me up every night, attacking and raping me energetically, causing me both orgasms and the greatest physical pain, altering my thoughts and dreams and my outer world, causing misfortunes and great, great misery and despair in my life to the point where I almost died.

THIS is what happens when you search elsewhere for GOD, especially in the new age scene, when you do yoga, when you buy into tantra, witchcraft (no matter under which label it is operating) – EVERYTHING other than the Christian religion and it’s teachings will lead to this result, to the result that you are lost and under the authority of the enemy!!!
Meditation, any kind of mindfulness, martial arts, tai chi, chi gong, shamanism, energy healing, mediums, tarot cards, ouija boards, seances, vodoo, hodoo, even sometimes the enemy comes in CHRISTIAN disguise –  that is where it gets really tricky!

So when you read the bible, pray and talk to THE FATHER, ask HIM to establish a kind of truth detector in your heart, so that you will KNOW if this person or this insight or this advice or this event in your life is coming from him –  the more you talk to HIM, the more you will know what HIS voice sounds like, what HIS advice looks like, what HIS truth feels like  – and the less the enemy can deceive you.
You will discover more and more ways, places and people the enemy is using to lead souls astray and alienate them from GOD.

I’m not saying it is easy or simple.
On the contrary, this may be the most difficult and at the same time most important task of our lives, even if we not only think about the end times…

If you ask me, the spiritual gift of discernment is the most important and most acchieveable one –  it saved my life and if you have it  – or if you don’t have it yet and take the trouble to develop it, it will save yours, too!

So what I can truly recommend is reading the bible and taking everything, especially the things and persons you are not sure about, to THE LORD in prayer and ask HIM for the truth.

He will show you!!!

Here are some pieces of scripture which I find helpful:

2 Corinthians 11:13-15 ESV 

For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds.

Colossians 2:8 ESV 

See to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world, and not according to Christ.

Romans 12:2 ESV 

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

If anyone teaches a different doctrine and does not agree with the sound words of our Lord Jesus Christ and the teaching that accords with godliness, he is puffed up with conceit and understands nothing. He has an unhealthy craving for controversy and for quarrels about words, which produce envy, dissension, slander, evil suspicions, and constant friction among people who are depraved in mind and deprived of the truth, imagining that godliness is a means of gain.

“Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.

I hope and pray that this may heal, help and inspire you.
May THE LORD bless you and keep you.

The real reason for depression


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Depression (and probably any other disease, too) is actually a CHANCE.

To get closer to GOD.

Not that GOD wants you to be miserable, sad and desperate, no!
That’s the enemy’s desire!!!
Not that GOD THE FATHER only wants you to call on him when you are miserable… of course he likes and appreciates you thinking of him when you are well, too…
BUT when you are desperate and hopeless, you are very likely to look for something or someone.
And THE FATHER is hoping that this will be HIM.
HE is waiting for you!
Yes, for YOU, my friend!
HE has been waiting for you all your life!

If you had already found him, you would probably already know what to do when getting sad and desperate, there is only one thing, which can truly help:
seek THE FATHER, dive into the word, ponder upon JESUS’s sufferings for us and PRAY and ask for help, guidance and forgiveness  – if you think your sadness comes from past sins…

Most likely, it comes from lies the enemy has told you.
You may have caught a mind virus through television, movies, the media or through demonized people in your life, a virus which told you you are not worthy or useless or haven’t managed to live a meaningful life, have failed at your career, can’t find or keep a partner, are too fat and yadayadayada…. and you have heard it too much and too often and you bought into it, without listening enough to what THE FATHER is telling you – WHEN you take the time and attention to listen to him. Have not taken enough time to see yourself how HE sees you, not enough time to feel and receive and appreciate HIS LOVE.

That’s how you got infected and depressed in the first place.

Now the worst thing you could do –  and that’s a very, very common trap sooo many people step into (and believe me, I know, since I was a therapist for many years and I, too, thought that therapy is really helping people, but the contrary is the case and therapy and probably also medicine is most likely divination and I came to see that it is of the devil, but that is subject of another article I will write soon)
is to seek outside of the bible, seek something or someone else than GOD.
Because that is exactly what the enemy wants.
Depression and mental illnesses or even yearning for “more meaning” is his main method to recruit more lost souls he can steal away from GOD!!!
No matter what you call it, pills, drugs, alcohol, new age, mediums, therapists, healers, energy healing, reiki, meditation, buddhism, hinduism, yoga, tantra, kundalini, gurus, spirit guides, shamans –  they are all going to make you worse and dependant and are going to cost you a lot of money and will NOT heal your depression!

The only thing you should do is seek THE FATHER and HIS WORD.
And do not be fooled into believing that HIS WORD or HIS HELP is not precious or that it is in fact not the best thing you can possibly find, just because it is free or almost free!
Everyone can get access to a bible in their language very easily, THE WORD is all over the internet for free and you can buy bibles in every bookstore for very little money.
Most likely, you even have one at home somewhere, even if you don’t read it often or have never taken a look at it at all…

I dare you!
Try reading the bible when you are depressed!!!
It is not only the words or the meaning of the words that will help you and soothe you. Reading the bible itself, no matter which passage, is going to nourish your soul, is going to bring you closer to GOD and is going to alienate you from the enemy, which equals healing you from the demonic viruses he is infecting you with.

Nevertheless, this article wouldn’t be complete without pointing you to a few helpful passages in the bible, which are truly soul-soothing and can reunite you with the greatest love of all: the love GOD has for his children.

When you truly feel loved and held, you cannot be depressed at the same time!

It is really that simple.
Whatever it is the enemy wants to fool you into not having, into not being, into not attaining, it is only the love of YOUR TRUE FATHER you are yearning for and that is all you need to feel whole, healthy and happy –  and that’s what the enemy doesn’t want you to know, he wants you to believe that you need this job, this house, this new car, this specific partner, this new dress, this physical shape –  and so on…

All you need is to actually KNOW you are loved and FEEL the love of GOD for YOU.
It is possible to go there anytime you need to and want to!
Just open the bible.
Unite with GOD in prayer and he will come to you and give you rest.

Here are just a few examples of bible verses which I, personally, find soothing and particularly full of OUR FATHER’s love for us:


Philippians 4:8 New International Version (NIV)

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

Psalm 40New International Version (NIV)

Psalm 40[a]

For the director of music. Of David. A psalm.

I waited patiently for the Lord;
    he turned to me and heard my cry.
He lifted me out of the slimy pit,
    out of the mud and mire;
he set my feet on a rock
    and gave me a firm place to stand.
He put a new song in my mouth,
    a hymn of praise to our God.
Many will see and fear the Lord
    and put their trust in him.

Romans 8:38-39New International Version (NIV)

38 For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,[a] neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39 neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

2 Corinthians 1:3-4New International Version (NIV)

Praise to the God of All Comfort

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God.

Jeremiah 29:11New International Version (NIV)

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Psalm 34:18-19New International Version (NIV)

18 The Lord is close to the brokenhearted
    and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

19 The righteous person may have many troubles,
    but the Lord delivers him from them all;


Another thing, which is a good remedy against depression and it is also common knowledge among therapists and I remember it, it is one of the few things I did not forsake from these times, because it is not only from a psychological point of view sensible, but scriptural and CHRISTIAN at the same time!!:
Find a charity you want to get involved in – I am not talking about self help groups, being part of that will most likely keep you trapped in your “issue”, I am talking about helping those who do not have any help –  it will not only help you and make you see that you are actually a good person, also will it keep you away from all the nonsense the enemy wants you to focus on.
There is no need to travel to Bali and attend a yoga retreat or a goddess awakening seminar for $ 3000 or to seek this famous guru in India, who is going to explain the meaning of life to you in 5 weeks, which cost you $5000 – no, he won’t!!- he doesn’t have the answers, he himself is miserable and suffering and all he does is talking about it and worship the wrong gods and doing the same will not help you, it will only help his wallet!!! – ,
you can be healed right where you are at this very moment!!
Just get closer to GOD wherever you ARE and do NOT move further away from him, that is exactly what the enemy wants you to do and then he HAS you!

So depression is actually a chance, a wake up call, a sign to make you see that you have been infected with the enemy’s virus, have bought into his lies and need to come back home to THE FATHER, so that he can hold you, so that he can keep you safe and so that he can shower you with his never ending all pervading love.

I hope and pray this will help and inspire you.
May THE LORD bless you and keep you.

How to make a Christian fall in love with you


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Got the hots for a Christian?

Really want them?
Perhaps even for good and all the way?
And now you’re not sure what to do?

Perhaps you even have been quite good at flirting and persuading and getting your chosen bait hooked and into bed?

So here is my advice on how to proceed:
the sooner you give this hunt up, the better for you.

You are probably one of the kind who won’t take “no” for an answer and think they’ll come around at some point, may it take days/ weeks/ months or even years… right?

Well, I can tell you that you are completely wasting your time.
And the reason why I am telling you is because you won’t know and you will have no idea why –  unless you are a Christian yourself.

And that’s the point!

A true Christian will never, ever fall for you or let you near or trust you the tiniest bit, if you are not, if you have not given your life to THE FATHER.

Because then they’ll know that satan has you.

And that means they won’t want to be with you.

It’s really simple.

Plus, that you are even trying so hard to get them means that you never understood anything spiritually in the first place and that you will never be a good match for them –  not intellectually, not physically, not emotionally –  on no level, in no area and in no way.

Because if you were awake and conscious and aware of the truth, you would KNOW how true love is created.
The only way how true love can ever take place would have been revealed to you by the holy spirit.
The fact that you are trying to create it the wrong way means that you are not chosen to experience it, never have experienced it and most likely never will experience it and that is one more reason why a Christian will always avoid being with you –  you are not in the know, you are not a possible match for them.


If you want to know the one and only way to make a Christian fall in love with you, the answer is:
there is nothing YOU can do, there is no human way.

ONLY THE FATHER can make a match for them.

And they will immediately know that you are not coming from HIM, that what you want is not coming from GOD.

If you were the only other human on earth and the only possible partner for them, they would still never, ever let you anywhere near them.

So you will have to ask yourself how serious you are about them and about spending your life with them.

This is going to take so much more than you are used to and most likely so much more than you are willing to do.

You will HAVE TO become a man / woman of GOD if you want to even be considered by them to become their partner.

And first and foremost, THE FATHER has to accept you as HIS CHILD and then he will take it from there –  if he will –  and again, there is NOTHING you can do.

The fact itself that you are so in love with this Christian may be a sign from GOD, but in this case, there is no guarantee and there is definitely no shortcut or a way around becoming a Christian yourself if you want to really be with one.

And that may be a very, very long way to go for you!

How I know?
Well, if you are reading an article at all about how to make someone fall in love with you, that shows how deeply mislead and into the occult you have been up to now –  there is a lot of giving up, of repenting and of changing your life completely to be done –  to be frank, it will take you AGES to become good enough for a Christian and less like you are today!!!

You will most likely not make it.

The odds are absolutely against you.

So as I said earlier:
My best advice is to give this up, the sooner, the better!

Even the question is pointless and when you are reading this, it must mean that you aren’t a Christian yourself – a true believer will never ask themselves a question like that –  and unless you are one of us, you will never know what I mean!

I will pray that THE LORD will save you.


the total, definite and eternal victory


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Dear witches, warlocks, sorcerers, vodoo priestesses, witch doctors, satanists, luciferians, tantricas, yogis, siddhis, new age or false religion pseudo gods and goddesses,

here is the good news:

What you really, really, really, really want and yearn for from the deepest depth of your dark and polluted souls is GOD’s LOVE.

That is the one and only reason why you are doing all your rituals, brewing all your potions, sacrifice all your bloods of animals and humans, do all the sex, all the rape, all the destruction, strive to get (by stealing it away from other living beings) all this power, summon all these demons, want all these samadhis and nirvanas and budda states and trances and dances.

No matter what you do and no matter what fancy, funny, spacy or new agy names you give yourselves or what you are doing, no matter what you say it is or is supposed to be, 2 things are absolute certain, as certain as every AMEN in every church in the world:

  1. all you ever do and strive for, it is and will be and can only be a substitute for GOD’s LOVE and it will never satisfy you
  2. and because and as long as you are doing what you are doing, you can never have it

And now comes the best part –  guess who has what YOU want?


And whatever you do to them, you cannot take away the love of our father from us.
It is not possible.
Not even if you killed us.

You can annoy us, yes.
Remotely observe us.
Astrally haunt and hurt us in many ways, yes.
And the absolute best thing is, you can take away our good health, our good fortune, our happiness, our friends, our family, our marriage, our job, our home, even our life force and our will to live.

NOT GOD’s LOVE though.

ONLY HE can give it or take it away.


And no matter what you do, you will never, ever, ever, ever have it.

It is the absolute real deal.

There is nothing better.

Nothing more soothing and satisfying.

Nothing in the world, in this sad and superficial world you are living in and you are exercising your power over, nothing in this worldly world could ever be a substitute and replace the real thing:
the love of GOD THE FATHER.

But that is something you will never know, never have, never attain, never steal away from anyone, never chant to you and most certainly never manifest, because you cannot manifest it.

It is a gift.

A father’s gift to his children.

And only his children can ever have it.

And that’s the way it is and always will be.


I hope this can inspire, help and heal you when you are under spiritual attack by the enemy.
Remember we have already won the war!
May THE LORD bless you and keep you.

What the devil doesn’t want Christians to know


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So there are a lot of hidden truths about demons and the occult in total and as long as Christians do not educate themselves and discover these truths, they are pretty much in the enemy’s hands – despite of being Christians.

Which brings us to the first hidden truth already:
There is a myth that Christians cannot be attacked or possessed by demons and in many churches, you cannot even talk about your troubles and pains when you are under spiritual attack by the enemy.
They would not listen to you, exclude you or stigmatize you or even insist that you are not a truly born again Christian, have some unrepented sin or contracts with the enemy and basically did something wrong and therefor are not in need of help, but need to be avoided or excluded from their church.
In fact, I have not seen a church yet which openly addresses this issue, even though it would be completely scriptural, since Jesus never even seemed to differentiate between healing, preaching and casting out demons, wherever we read in the bible that he came somewhere, he did all of these!

So the truth is not only can Christians be demonized and under attack of the devil, most of them even get attacked once they become true Christians and do follow the commandments and live a righteous life!

Do not buy into this myth, because that’s what the enemy wants!
He wants you to be helpless and isolated and ashamed and he wants you to have no one to talk to, no one to pray with you (for that increases the power and the effectiveness of your prayers!!) and thus he wants you to stay locked in your misery.

Which brings us to the 2nd truth:
there IS a way out of this, there IS help!
GOD can help you!
HE is ALWAYS more powerful than the devil and more powerful than the devil or one of his servants will ever be.
The only reason why the devil is still alive and even able and allowed to tempt and hurt and destroy people is because wants him to.
GOD has DEFEATED the enemy.
When he sent his son down to earth and let him die for our sins, they were all payed for with the precious blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
And making us sin is not going to let the devil win.
In fact, he can’t – unless we LET him.
If you refuse to give your life to him and resist him, he cannot do anything!!!
He can harm you and hurt you, yes, but he can NEVER, EVER HAVE YOU!
Of course, that is something he is absolutely obsessed with never letting you find out about it, because if everyone knew that, it would destroy his entire kingdom.
What he wants you to do instead is suffer and seek help and relief in all the wrong places and methods and means – basically everywhere except with GOD, THE FATHER – for he is THE ONLY ONE who can truly help you.

This is leading to the 3rd truth:
everything you could possibly do to heal yourself, to release yourself from the enemy’s clutch EXCEPT turning to GOD, which is the one and only right thing to do, everything else will keep you trapped and will give the enemy a legal right to remain inside you.
Therapy, doctors, healers, all kinds of energy treatments, most certainly any kind of magic, voodoo, witchcraft, occultism, yoga, tantra, mediums, fortune tellers, tarot readers, psychics, meditation, enlightenment, kundalini, whatever it is, if it is something other than praying to the one and only LIVING GOD, it will NOT help you, but make you worse!
Reading, too, read anything about healing the soul, about strengthening your aura or shakras or installing a spiritual shield – if it is NOT in the bible, it is going to get you deeper into trouble!

It is as simple as that and at the same time, it is very hard as well.
Because GOD will not FIX you.
He will help you, but it will not be an instant fix, an instant relief.
That is even a way to tell that it is not coming from HIM – he doesn’t do instant fixes – at least have I not seen one or experienced one – perhaps it is individually different and perhaps it is not my destiny to experience a miracle, but learn how to discern and move away from the enemy and closer to THE FATHER more and more and speak about it here – but what I can say is be very cautious of miracle, quick fixes, the ones I have seen –  not in me, but in others –  did most certainly NOT come from GOD, so I am not sure about them at all and I would not recommend seeking out for these people, even some deliverance ministries seem shady to me, but in the end, it is important that you trust your own instructions from GOD, that you reach out to him in prayer and then do as you have been told and that is the only way to healing and freedom and to finding and having peace, the peace of CHRIST.

At least that’s what I found.
In many years of suffering and being on the wrong quest and being tricked and fooled by the enemy…

Hopefully, I can spare you reading this from the mistakes I made and I hope and pray that this may help you and inspire you and heal you.
May THE LORD bless you and keep you.

How to defeat the enemy


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If the enemy is attacking you, no matter what the attack looks or feels like (you can read more about the kind of spiritual attack I have been under for 5 years now by an occultist and most likely a black magic warlock who calls himself Jafree Ozwald (and his partner Mira Malin Dakini Scogsdotter )and claims to be a yoga, tantra and enlightenment teacher, but truly is a very dangerous satanist here), there are a few things which do and many things which do not work in order for you to defeat the enemy.

Let’s speak of the don’ts a bit first:
And I am an expert in what does not work, because I have tried it all and it only got me deeper into spiritual trouble and harmed me even more.

  1. First and foremost, do never, ever try to fight spiritual attacks, which are all coming from the dark side with ANYTHING new-agy or spiritual like energy healers, mediums, vodoo priests, which doctors or witches or mediums!
    This will only make it much worse.
    You have got to understand why you CAN be spiritually attacked by the enemy at all in the first place: it can only be that GOD has allowed it or not prevented it.
    For SOME reason.
    It may be you have sinned.
    Been involved in or sympathizing with the occult in some way.
    Or you may be under a generational curse.
    Turning to the occult for help (and in my view, even turning to DOCTORS or therapists can be idolatry, at least GOD seems to be infuriated by it!!!) against the dark side is something that GOD literally HATES and HE will PUNISH you for it!
    He has allowed the enemy to tempt you, just like satan tempted JESUS in the desert for 40 days and the only way you can ever possibly get out of this is to RESIST the enemy!
    And turn to GOD, THE FATHER for help, i.e. PRAY, REPENT of your sins and ask THE FATHER, JESUS CHRIST and THE HOLY SPIRIT for help – THEY are the only ones who are able to help you!!
  2. Do not buy into any of the new age crap teaching you that you need to learn to surrender into existence or that it is only your mind causing your suffering – they are the most common and somehow clever snares of the enemy!
    Yes, meditation, buddhism, ZEN, tai-chi, yoga, tantra, kundalini – none of them are actually HEALING principles or means, they will make you sick and most of all, they will give the enemy a LEGAL RIGHT to own you, because when you practise them, you are at the same time worshipping other gods than THE ONE AND ONLY LIVING GOD.
    HE wants you to FIGHT the enemy.
    With prayer.
    And with discernment.
    With righteousness and with following his commands and by giving yourself and your life to HIM, not to the enemy!
  3. Do not be tempted into believing GOD has left or deserted you or is not helping you, because this is another con of the devil to alienate you from OUR FATHER and to let the enemy own you.
    The truth is that you are already healed and saved.
    By sending HIS son, JESUS CHRIST, down to earth and letting him die for OUR sins, GOD has WON the spiritual war for his people. Whoever is following him CANNOT be owned by the enemy – unless they let him!!! Tempted, yes, tortured, yes, attacked, yes, but NOT owned! In the end, your name will be written in the lamb’s book of life and you will go to heaven and sit at the right hand of GOD no matter what happens here on earth in this human life of yours.
    Do not let the enemy make you forget this or believe otherwise!
  4. Do not talk to them or interact with them or even take them seriously – if you can, do by any means AVOID giving them any attention at all.
    This was and sometimes still is the hardest one for me personally – I have been trying to talk to my attackers for many years, sent them millions of emails, trying everything in the book to make them stop, trying to reason with them, negotiate some kind of peace with them and yes, I have also tried threatening them and now I came to openly campaign against them and their evilness, which is not directly the same as talking to them and also, it hopefully does open some eyes and helps some people, but it does give them some of my attention as well and that is not ideal, because it is what they feed off, emotions, life force, thoughts about them, no matter of which kind, they enjoy and eat every minute you are giving them!
    You mustn’t be fooled into believing that they are humans like we are.
    This is something which is still very hard for me personally, because I love to believe in the good in everyone!
    But these entities have been modified by the devil.
    They do not have compassion or a heart, they may have had one at some point, but not anymore. They are cruel beyond measure and the love to torment and kill and torture and most of all, it is their greatest delight to see human beings, especially Christians, suffer.
    So there is absolutely no point in treating them like fellow human beings.
    They will never, ever respond to that.
    They might reply – but only to provoke, hurt and torment you further – there is absolutely no point in trying.
    Believe me – I have tried for many years and sometimes, I still have an urge to do so – only to regret it afterwards, because it makes me hurt more and it doesn’t bring any improvement at all to my situation, on the contrary…
    So if you can, be a better rationalist than me and do not see them as humans, even though they are very good at pretending they are!
  5. Do NOT try to defeat them yourself or all alone or by using their methods.
    If you are sending them dark energy or try to destroy them or curse them or send evil spells or anything which comes to mind which they are doing to you, you only get worse.
    They do have a very well functioning spiritual shield – other than you, for if you had one, you wouldn’t be under their attack in the first place – and they also have the ability to send back all the evil sent at them, I mean that is EXACTLY what they are doing, sending dark energy, it is their JOB so to say, it is what they are trained in and good at and it is how they are harming you (and many others) so when you try to use their expertise, which you don’t have, you are only harming yourself even more!!

So what it is that you CAN do to defeat them?

As I said earlier, I am not completely there yet.
I wish I was.
I wish they would leave me alone for good.
I even wish GOD would hear my prayers and punish THEM.

Nevertheless, there are some things which I have discovered and can recommend more than the above mentioned don’ts.

  1. When the attack is ongoing and really tormenting and hurting you, try to disctract yourself.
    Whatever it is, it is better than concentrating on the attack and suffering from it!
    Eat, drink, smoke, watch a movie, listen to some music (make sure it is not satanic or that you have pleaded the BLOOD OF CHRIST over it or over your ears anyway before you listen!!), go outside, talk to someone, play a calming game (I like solitaire), knit, do some crafting you enjoy, cook, bake, paint, write… what my favourite thing is:
    I watch prayer videos on youtube, they seem to work best and they calm me down, especially since the most intense time of the attacks is usually in the middle of the night, I keep my laptop next to my bed and have a video ready and when he wakes me up, which usually happens at around 3 am every night, I watch one or 2 videos and most of the time (at least nowadays!!) I can go back to sleep afterwards.
  2. Do pray and ask for GOD’s help.
    What I like to do is pray and pray on for as long as I can and to visualize myself putting on the full armor of GOD as often as I remember, but not only physically here in this realm, but also in what I imagine to be the spiritual realm and I imagine him fighting them there through and for me… basically, it is what they are doing, they are astral projecting themselves to destroy you, so if you go back to where they are hitting you and meet them with GOD, JESUS CHRIST and THE HOLY SPIRIT on your side to battle with you, you can win!
    One thing I only recently managed to do is to defeat them in my dreams!!
    It was one of the many nightmares they have been sending me and in the dream itself, I managed to pull what was like a slimy, icky, yucky and very mean, dark monster, which had managed to live inside me, out of my body against it’s vile resistance and kill it. I actually trampled on it like the bible says we will be enabled to trample on serpents…
    That was one of the most breakthrough-like experiences and feelings I have had in all these years and I still rejoyce in the experience from this dream!
  3. Follow GOD’s commandments and make your life and yourself as holy as you can.
    In the end, you can only ask GOD for help and for guidance and ask him to show you where and in which way your life is not pleasing to him and then, eliminate these sources of disfavour from your existence, one after another and you will see that you are getting better and better.
  4. Perhaps the most important one:
    Ask for GOD’s help and guidance not only for helping you out of this situation for your sake, but also, ask him what he wants you to do against the enemy for HIS sake, how he wants you to fight, what exactly he wants you to do, because remember, we, YOU are HIS instrument(s) here on earth to spread the good news and to defeat the enemy and if you are being attacked, that automatically means that GOD has CHOSEN you as one of his WARRIORS!
  5. And that is good news in itself!
    Even though it is the worst possible nightmare and hell on earth to be under these attacks, it is a blessing from GOD that you are and that you KNOW you are at the same time – for THAT is the knowledge which comes from GOD, from THE HOLY SPIRIT!
    If they had not revealed this to you, you would not even know that the enemy was attacking you!!!Take this really and truly in!!!

    In my life, I have NOT SEEN ANYONE who was NOT attacked by demons in some way, kind or amount.
    And I would say 99.8 % of all people I have ever seen have absolutely NO CLUE what is going on!!!!!!!!!!!
    They think they are sick or having a bad luck day/month/week/year… or that they are depressed or crazy or that misfortune, accidents, losses and lack are part of life.
    No they are not!
    I mean they are in a way, but they do not come from GOD, are not what HE wants for us!

Everything bad, destructive, tormenting, hurtful, harmful, dark and evil comes from the enemy.

Once you have truly realized this, you have WON and DEFEATED him.

That is actually the real and true SECRET – to use the language and snares of the enemy… sadly, it is a secret and not many people know… not even all Christians know, for they are ALL buying into lots of the enemy’s snares… if you, if we all truly knew and lived this truth, nobody would never be tempted by the enemy ever again.

GOD and GOD alone can help you, protect you, shield you, heal you, save you, fulfill you, inspire you, guide you, turn your life around and make you happy – and that’s it.
That’s all.
Everything else is the enemy’s shenanigans!

I hope and pray that this will help, heal and inspire you.
May THE LORD bless you and keep you.

Jafree Ozwald is very dangerous!!


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I don’t know if he is a warlock and his partner, Mira Malin Dakini Scogsdotter ( is a witch, or if they are calling themselves something else…

Officially, they are calling themselves tantricas.

Jafree Ozwald has many websites,,,,

He claims to be an enlightened being and devoted to enlighten the world.

For those of you who don’t know – and I didn’t know that myself, which was one of my fatal ignorances –  this is kind of a code for satanic cults, for occult practices, sorcerers, for witchcraft and for darkness and for satan, lucifer, whatever you want to call him –  for beings who worship the devil and are serving him and are devoted to bringing him as many human sacrifices as they can.

These entities are astral travelling, remote viewing, manipulating telepathically –  they are trained in astral projection, astral attacks, they can penetrate your body, your mind, your thoughts, your dreams and they can make you very sick and also make everything in your life in the outer world go wrong, so that you become very desperate and then, they feed off your fear, your despair, your anger and your frustration.

Their goal is to destroy humans in as many ways as they can.

There is only one thing you can do:



HE is the only one who can help you!

I have found a very good source for prayers against all kinds of astral and spiritual attacks:

Not only does he give examples for all kinds of prayers you will need as a victim of black magic of whatever kind, it is also healing in a double way.
It reassures you.
Because in these prayers, he describes EXACTLY what is happening to you when you are a victim of these occultists.
And he never spoke to you –  in my case, he never spoke to me, but he knew exactly what was going on –  that can only mean that it is true and that the holy spirit has revealed this to him  –  how they are “working” and who they are.

If you are under attack, check out his youtube channel, his prayers can help you!

And stay away by any means from everything and everyone connected to yoga, tantra, manifesting, enlightenment, new age, soul mate, twin flame, meditation, samadhi, guru, kundalini – just to mention a few…

I hope and pray that this article can help you and inspire you.
May THE LORD bless you and keep you.


Are you under a psychic attack?


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Maybe you are wondering if you are under a psychic attack…?

If you believe so, it is probably true.

Most likely, you are not crazy.

If you are a believer, it is even more likely that you are right and the holy spirit has revealed this to you.

The reason why you may believe you are crazy is that the enemy wants you to.

He has his demons at work everywhere.

They can do all possible harm to you – everything you can imagine can be caused by demons, witchcraft, voodoo, hoodoo, kundalini or other occult sources and practices.

They can make you sick.
Severly sick.
They can even kill you.
They have a legion of demons for that.
Physical illness, mental illness, insomnia, nightmares, suicidal tendecies and death wishes, addictions, bad luck, destructive thoughts, even self-destructive thoughts or behaviours, even a simple cold, back pains, allergies, arthritis, minor or major infections, probably also cancer (I have no proof for that, but the more I learn and do my research, the more I come to see that every disease is probably caused by the enemy, there are numerous examples in the bible –  in fact, Jesus never seemed to have distinguished between healing and casting out demons, he always did both, plus preaching, of course, there must be a reason for that and the reason can only be: illness comes from the same source as demons!!).

They can take what you have from you.
Not only do they feed off and live of your life force and of your emotions and inhabit your body (since they have no body of their own) they also seem to be able to own or have in a way what they take from you. Plus, it gives them satisfaction, some sort of evil joy to make you suffer in all ways that they possibly can.
So if your life goes well – in any area, be it your career, your business, your relationships, your finances or your health – and then suddenly without a reasonable explanation, things start to go terribly wrong and turn bad, then, you might be under the attack of a demon.

Me myself, I have lost everything because of these monsters.
I even know who they are or in which person’s bodies they live, even with the person’s permission.
MY monsters are a tantric couple, enlightenment and yoga teachers, named Jafree Ozwald ( and Mira Malin Dakini Scogsdotter ( and when I came across them, my entire life as it was fell apart.
I had a business, I had a marriage, I had friends, I was financially well off… everything went down the drain. I even tried to kill myself and I lived with a death wish for many years, I lost all my belongings, I was even homeless for a while, I was without food many times, not knowing when I would have money again or a job –  not that I am stupid, I have several degrees, neither did I drink or take any drugs, not at all. I was just so drained and devastated by these ongoing and never stopping psychic attacks that I was unable to take care of myself…

They do have a lot of power.
This is not harmless stuff.
If the enemy has you, you can mutate into a monster yourself or die.

So what if you are in this situation?
What can you do?

There is only one thing that is going to help you:

PRAY, REPENT, FIND the cause of your problem, find the way and the reason why and how they could get into your life, your body, your mind, your system and ASK GOD for help, only HE can help you.

I cannot repeat this enough:
DO NOT go to energy healers, psychics, mediums, even doctors and therapists can make you only worse!!!

Remember the woman with the hemmorage, who had been sick for many, many years and had spent all her money on doctors and only got worse?
And Jesus healed her in an instant!

GOD wants us to turn to HIM when we are in trouble!

Not only is consulting other instances than THE FATHER not helping you, it even enrages him, clearly if you are seeking help from an occult source, he HATES THAT!
Believe me, I know, I have felt his rage and I got worse and worse and worse before I finally turned completely and exclusively to HIM – I did not enrage him on purpose, I was stupid and did not know that these people were working for the enemy, and yet, GOD was furious with me!

He has still not relieved me from this burden.

I know he has forgiven me somehow and to some extent, but there are still things I need to do, to learn, maybe to cleanse myself and my life of, before he will completely deliver me…

I know it is very common in Christian congregations to believe that a Christian cannot be entered by demons, cannot be attacked by the enemy and they even seem to believe somehow that if you are haunted or attacked by demonic or satanic forces, it means that it is somehow your fault, that you are doing something wrong, did not give your life to CHRIST.

That is not true.

It may be a generational curse you are under.

Or GOD LETS the enemy do what he does to you – for a reason.
A reason you may or may not find out about.
There are even examples in the bible where GOD allowed the enemy to tempt and torture some of his people. And only he knows when and if he will deliver them, when and if he will deliver me…
REMEMBER: ONLY because GOD lets them can they do what they do!
HE made EVERYTHING and everyone.
HE rules over everything and everyone.
HIS power is endless and without any limits (like the enemy’s power is! That is the saddest part about it, they are doing it because they were promised supernatural power and they became slaves and junkies for that, but in the end, GOD will take it all away from them in a SECOND).

One thing is a certain as every AMEN in every church in the world:

ONLY GOD can save his people when they are under the enemy’s attack.

So if this happened to you, pray!! SEEK HIM!!! ASK HIM for help and guidance! And KEEP praying and asking!

I really know what I am talking about!

I have been under the severest, heaviest, cruelest and meanest attack for 5 years now.
And since I started writing these posts on this blog, the attacks got a lot worse – that won’t stop me though, I am not scared of the enemy, not anymore!
I have started campaigns against these evil beings before and they threatened and intimidated me and I took the things I had published down again, deleted everything –  not anymore! I know that GOD is on MY side and GOD’S side always wins!!

I owe it to HIM that I am in a state today where I am able to write and publish this, to take a stand, to do my best to help others – INSPITE of the attacks.
In a state where I am able to maintain a (at least most of the time) functioning outside life with a job INSPITE of not sleeping at night, INSPITE of being haunted, abused, tortured and raped energetically, remotely with PHYSICAL damages.

And I am grateful to THE FATHER for that.
For saving me at least partly.
For giving me my will to live back.
I have plans.
I am looking forward to things.
I even feel something similar to happiness sometimes.
I am healing… and I give thanks and praise to GOD for helping me!

So when you are reading this and are in the same situation, I hope and pray that your life is not as hard as mine, hope and pray that you will be delivered completely BY GOD and quickly and that you could find some inspiration and perhaps comfort in my words or that you may even find a way to prevent this from happening to you or to someone you love.

May THE LORD bless you and keep you.


The enemy’s good strategy


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If there is one thing I learned from or even admire the enemy for, it is his perseverance.

At least the one of his agents whom I had the misfortune to come across has this feature: he never, ever gives up, gives in or changes.

There have been times in my life during this ongoing psychic attack, torture, energetic rape and remote surveillance I have been under for 5 years now, times when I thought it was over, he had stopped. Only to discover that he came back even stronger afterwards. It may even be part of his strategy to completely destroy his victims to let them believe (even if only for a short time) that they are free again, that they have defeated him or gotten rid of him.

Nowadays, I know that this will never be over.
Not until I will be dead or he will be dead, whichever will happen first – only THE LORD knows…

I have become an expert in detecting even the slightest hint of psychic remote interference or even when there is no interference, I know when I am being watched and if I am still being watched and even if I am not watched at this very moment, I can tell when it comes back.

Believe me, I have spent the first 2 of these 5 years believing I was crazy and this was happening in my imagination only and today I am 100% certain that it is not.
I am not trying to convince anyone that what I tell is the truth – I don’t have to.

My only reason why I am telling my story is to help others.

I am not selling anything, not even asking for donations.

All I want to do is help others who may be in the same situation.

Help them with my story, to find out that they are not alone.
That they are not crazy.
That these HORRIFIC CREATURES ARE REAL and out there.

And maybe even help them to find what can help them, find a way to THE FATHER, because HE is THE ONLY ONE who can help people who are in this situation, under the attack of the enemy.

So in case you hadn’t read about it before, here is a brief summary of the kind of attack I have been under for 5 years now:
the name of the being, who seems to be a man on the outside, but is very certainly possessed and run by a demonic entity, e.g. a kundalini demon, is Jafree Ozwald, his website is and he is into tantra, yoga, manifesting, enlightenment and pretty much all other new age satanic crap you can possibly imagine. he is working together with his partner, Mira Malin Dakini Scogsdotter, who is a yoga and tantra teacher and probably a high level witch.
They are infecting, harming and destroying people all over the world and the way they are hurting, harming, haunting and raping me is via yogic, tantric and kundalini attacks every day and night, these attacks happen remotely, I have never met these people and these attacks affect my body, my thoughts, my dreams, my outside world, my relationships, my finances, all areas of my life and all levels of my existence. The attacks started when I bought the program this man sells, it contains meditations and that is how I got infected and I became seriously ill, physically and spiritually. What I hadn’t realized before much later is that I had also committed idolatry and enraged GOD with what I was doing.
He did partly forgive me, but he has not yet freed me from these demonic spirits, I still have to suffer from the chokehold of the kundalini snake demon spirit  – every day and night and in many ways…

BUT what I am aiming at today is not to describe what happened and how it started (this is just a brief summary to let you see the picture and maybe compare it with your own situation), it is to point out to myself and to you reading this where the enemy is better than we are and I think this is part of the reason why he CAN succeed at all.

He is focussed on his goal, total destruction, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How I know that you may ask?

Because I can FEEL him attacking me NONSTOP.

He could never have depleted and sickened me to the amount which he did if he had been giving me time to rest, to sleep –  I have NOT slept through for ONE NIGHT in 5 years!!!

And THAT is something he is better at than we are.

At least than I am.

I am not praying 24/7.

Sometimes I pray all night long until I find at least a little rest… but when I feel better and feel a little relief, I do other things… I mean, I have to. I have a job, I need to earn money… I try to rest and sleep as much as I can… I am doing my best to heal in the times when I am hurting a little less…

BUT these are the times when I am NOT fighting BACK and he on the other hand is still attacking and attacking and attacking on and on and on… demons obviously do not need to rest or sleep or do other things than to haunt their victims… that is the advantage he has: time, resources and an unbreakable will to win.

I have given up many times, I have even had moments when I thought about giving up completely or giving in… I am only human and I get tired and frustrated… GOD is helping me more and more the more I ask him and the more I pray and the more I trust in HIM, the stronger and more healed I become… and I am learning to become more and more of a prayer warrior, always on duty, even when I am doing something else or even in my sleep, praying on and on and on… and I believe this is the only way to defeat the enemy – of course, it is GOD’s decision and in HIS hands alone who will win this war, but me, I am convinced that GOD’s will is that HIS people will win in the end.

I hope and pray that this will help, heal and inspire you.
may THE LORD bless you and keep you.

Learning to discern


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This may be the most important lesson of our lives.

Most definitely of mine.

1 John 4:1

Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

Had I been able to discern where what I was reading and hearing came from, from the devil himself, I wouldn’t have become sick and I wouldn’t almost have died and I wouldn’t have had to suffer for so long.

I was fooled, ensnared, betrayed by the enemy.
I thought I was seeking and following GOD.
I was naive and uneducated regarding scripture.
I was one of the fools who believed if you are a “good person” then, nothing evil can harm you.

I even did not believe in evil and demons and witches and the devil at all.

Boy was I wrong!

I am sometimes thinking that GOD allowed all this evil into my life so that I would become able to unwrap and fully incorporate my spiritual gift of discernment.

Once you start seeing all the ways and places where the enemy is trying to snatch souls out of THE FATHER’s hands, it gets easier.
For me, it has become very easy even.
Since I have been unwillingly physically exposed to these energy, psychic attacks with what I believe are kundalini vibrations (from this evil, fake guru named Jafree Ozwald and his partner Mira Malin Dakini Scogsdotter – I have written about their attacks in previous articles and they are into yoga, tantra, enlightenment, manifesting and all other new age and satanic crap you could possibly imagine) throughout my body, my body nowadays reacts naturally whenever something satanic or demonic is happening  – regardless if I see some false information, or if someone is trying to manipulate / mind control or curse me or if they simply lie or if I have an idea which is not according to GOD’s will.
So these evil and satanic, occult attackers have made my body into a living, walking, talking enemy-detector.

With that said, I truly and deeply hope that you will find an easier and less hurtful way to know inside yourself when something is not from GOD, but from the enemy.

Here are a few tips on how to develop your own enemy-detection-system:

  1. Read the bible often.
    Not only to learn about its content, but also to establish a firm knowing of how it FEELS when GOD is talking.
    The bible is a supernatural book and it connects you to THE FATHER in many ways.
    And the more you do it, the more you can know the difference from other “connections”.
  2. Deliberately watch out for teachings, writings, sayings, music, consumables – wherever you want to start, it is literally everywhere!! – which come from the enemy, are evil, cursed or supposed to ensnare, capture, betray, hurt and destroy you.
    Increase your awareness and that will be a self-growing process, because once you have made the decision to watch out for the enemy, you will discover more and more about where he is and how he operates.
    Maybe this should even be #1 on our list, since only THE FATHER will decide if he wants to enlighten you, save you, enable you to escape the enemy or not and when he wants to do that.
    If you have never thought about this, never ever discovered something evil in your life (inside and outside), never gave all the conspiracy theories any second thought, then you can be 100% sure that the enemy HAS you and that you are NOT WITH GOD currently and that you need to EDUCATE YOURSELF!!!
  4. Scan your life for where you are sinning.
    Come on, NONE OF US is free from sin – it is simply not possible to live completely without sin, JESUS was the one and only human being capable of that.
    You don’t have to tell anyone.
    This is between you and GOD.
    But it can help you discern when you learn to differentiate between where the urge to sin comes from and where the impulse to do GOD’s will comes from – they will be completely opposite places within yourself and one will be from GOD, the other from the enemy.
  5. Watch other people.
    NOT as a judge.
    But as an observer and then learn to TRUST your gut feelings about what is going on with them.
    This is not about being better than others.
    It is about learning to recognize different ways in which good and/ or evil can be expressed and lived.
    And one important rule comes with this one:
    Follow your own impression and conclusion here – NOT what OTHERS think or say.
    EVERYBODY can be demonized!!!
    It doesn’t matter if they are your pastor or someone who owns a charity, on the contrary, the enemy loves to capture these people, because they will be more likely to infect more believers, because remember: since JESUS CHRIST and GOD THE FATHER are the ONLY REMEDIES against the enemy, Christians are his favorite targets.
  6. Stay away from what you already KNOW is evil.
    Purifying your life and letting it be as much as you can of GOD’s will will strengthen your ability to discern.
  7. Talk with others if you can find likeminded people who have the same goal.

Philippians Chapter 1

9 And this I pray, that your love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and [in] all judgment;

10 That ye may approve things that are excellent; that ye may be sincere and without offence till the day of Christ;

I hope and pray that this may help and inspire you.
May THE LORD bless you and keep you.


Mr. Right


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The one true love we are all looking for.
(I am writing this as a woman, but you can probably replace everything we women wish for or similar with the corresponding male wishes, too)

He is always there for me.

He will never leave me.

Never lie to me.

Never hurt me.

Always listen to me.

He will always be gentle, tender, caring, supportive, loving, kind.

Most of all: he will LOVE ME NO MATTER WHAT.

Now, EVERY WOMAN can sign this petition.

It is what we ALL dream of, wish and pray for.

It is one of the greatest myths of humanity and the stuff most written about in songs, books, movies, dramas and even comedies: love.

There are more interpretations of it than there are stars in the sky.

And yet, the love we are all yearning for from another human being and that it may last forever –  it is just a myth and we can NEVER, EVER find it.


Because what we all dream of and yearn for is UNCONDITIONAL, ETERNAL LOVE.
And that can’t possibly come from any other human being.
We can’t even love ourselves unconditionally, no matter how hard we try.
It is not possible, because it is NOT HUMAN.
Human beings, no matter how spiritually mature and wise and kind hearted they are, always and only love conditionally, there ARE conditions. ALWAYS.
A love between 2 human beings can die.
Even though it can sometimes take a lot before it does.
But it is not eternal and not unconditional.

ONLY GOD and JESUS can love like that, angels maybe, but not humans.

So why are we looking for it in another human INSTEAD of from GOD so often and in so many ways?

There is a simple reason for that:

The enemy wants us to.
Wants us to believe it is possible to be loved like we want to be loved here on earth and by another human being.
He has put his temptations and traps and false promises about love everywhere.
They are all over the place, all over the world, wherever you look.
He wants to SELL US LOVE.
He wants to sell his fake and fraudulent products as love.

Sex for instance, in case you hadn’t known and hadn’t noticed, sex is NOT LOVE.
No matter how tantric and multi orgasmic you are with your partner, you will NOT REACH THE HIGHEST LEVELS OF LOVE via “the tantric path”.
I know and I can guarantee you you won’t.
Sex does not create love, sex creates lust.
You will reach the highest levels of lust maybe, of orgasms, may have the longest, most intense orgasms you ever had – and yet, he will still hurt you, still sleep around (probably even in the name of tantra) and leave you for a younger, more sexy version when the time has come… sex practices will only bring SEX AND LUST, NOT LOVE.
There is something else I can guarantee you what you WILL reach and get though:
demonic possession and spiritual illness, depression, absolute exhaustion and perhaps even death.
What happens when you chose this path is that the python spirit (in the new age scene called “kundalini”) will enter you and wrap itself around your joy, your luck, your life force, your health, your success, your money and your future. Everything you are being promised by these “teachings” will be TAKEN AWAY from you and your life will become harder and harder, your love will actually be drained out of you, that’s all that’s going to happen!!!
You will even be tricked into WANTING this demon to enter you!!
Many people do all they can and visit classes, read books and practise and practise even to “awaken the kundalini”.
I can only say: “DON’T”!!!
The kundalini is a DEMON and it will DEPLETE you!!!
You will regret letting it in.

Same happens when you look for your “soul mate”.
What will happen is that you will find a mate alright, but one that will literally EAT your soul, because it will be a DEMON.
THIS IS THE WAY the enemy works.

Take what you want.
Cosmetic surgery.
These are all snares of the enemy.
They give instant gratification and a feeling of satisfaction, yes they do indeed.

But then what?

After a very short and very superficial high – and you may only get this high ONCE – they leave you feeling even more empty than before and what will you do?
Right, you will come back for more, will try to get it again…

That’s all there is to it.

That’s the one and only purpose.

To get you HOOKED.
And to open you up – for demons and evil spirits.

It is always the same principle.
Your yearnings, your lack are his doors into your life, into your body, into your destiny.

He sells fake promises.
By saying “yes” to his offer (which of course he will NEVER fulfill!!) you are letting him in.
That’s all he wants and needs.
It will take you a while until you realize that you didn’t get what you came and payed for.
But he did.
He stole it, without giving anything back, let alone what he had promised.
That’s him.

There is only one way to find and receive this love we are all looking for.
From GOD – and through GOD.
LET HIM be your matchmaker.
If he will, he will send you a husband or a wife and then, he will let you love each other as if you were already with him in heaven.

It is the only way it could ever happen.

You / we cannot do anything to make it happen.

Only pray.

As we can only pray for good health, for food, for a long life, for success, for a house, a car – it is not us who decide what we have and deserve.
When we are striving for these things and following advice or rules someone gave to us  – rules other than those which are in the bible – then we can be sure we were fooled by the enemy. He wants us to believe that our destiny is in our own hands, he wants us to “play god”, which is a sin, divination, and then, he HAS us.

THIS is what TRUE LOVE sounds like:
Song of Solomon 8: 6-7
Set me as a seal upon your heart,
as a seal upon your arm,
for love is strong as death,
jealousy is fierce as the grave.
Its flashes are flashes of fire,
the very flame of THE LORD.
Many waters cannot quench love,
neither can floods drown it.
If a man offered for love
all the wealth of his house,
he would utterly be despised.

I pray that this may help you and inspire you.
May THE LORD bless you and keep you.

The Wound


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Ever hear the saying that’s very common within the new age scene “The wound is where the light gets in”?

Well, it is true.

It is not GOD’s light though.

And “love and light” is also not a good thing, at least not if you REALLY want to have a happy, whole and peaceful life.

The light meant here  – and so this can be considered one of the few true statements of the enemy – is the light of the dark side.
The meaning of Lucifer is “light-bearer” and it is the devil’s light he is carrying and bringing.

Isaiah 14:12 – How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! [how] art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!
As an adjective, the Latin word lucifer meant “light-bringing” and was applied to the moon.

And it is true in another way, too.

Where you are suffering…
Looking for answers…
REALLY desperate…
In NEED of (TRUE) love and understanding, in need of HEALING…
Where you consider yourself broken, insufficient, not worthy, not capable of finding a solution for your life or perhaps not a meaning…

THAT’S WHERE the enemy is luring and where he literally gets in(to you).
In healing circles, even in churches, in self-development groups, in spiritual gatherings, in teachings of new age gurus, in new eastern, asian, indian, shamanic, psychic, energy or whatever kind of “healing” they may promise – classes.
In yoga, tantra, manifesting and enlightenment books, teachings, seminars and programes.
In false religions.
In almost EVERY FORM AND KIND OF THERAPY (!!!!! – and I know what I am talking about, for I have been a therapist myself for MANY years before I found out that it is all SATANIC, DEMONIC and actually DESTRUCTIVE rather than healing!!!!!).

How you may ask?

Very simple.

By promising a “fix”.
Promising happiness.
Promising wholeness.
Promising money, health, love, sex, success – whatever it is you are after or believe you are lacking, the enemy has THOUSANDS OF WAYS how he fools you / US into believing that we can get what we are looking for.

Only one tiny little catch to it:
the enemy cannot sell what he doesn’t have.

It is simply not possible.

There is only one way and one place where you can get salvation:
from GOD.
And you cannot buy it.
You can’t even earn it.
You can only be granted peace and salvation BY GOD’S GRACE and by HIS GRACE ALONE.

No shortcuts.
No way around it.

That’s actually what makes him REAL.

The enemy can’t.
And if you have ever tried one of his snares out there, you WILL have found out that they do NOT work, that they do NOT bring you ANYTHING, except a hole in your pocket and frustrations – and that’s if you are LUCKY, because what you usually REALLY sign up for is not healing, but ILLNESS, DEMONIC POSSESSION, DELUSION, ABUSE, VIOLENCE and I have not seen ONE PERSON who wasn’t MORE MESSED UP when they have tried any of the above than before they did – including me. In my case, it almost cost me MY LIFE.
And what you’ll usually hear when you dare to express that this didn’t help is that you need even MORE of it, need to stick in there LONGER, need to take the NEXT LEVEL class and yadayadayada…

Sound familiar?

I bet!


Not GOD though.
HE doesn’t require you to read MORE of HIS WORD for instance.
Not at all.
You will get it right away.
IF you are willing to listen and hear his voice in your heart.

On the contrary:
HE leaves you a choice.
IF you want to follow, you can do so any time.
If you don’t, you don’t.
ONLY WHO ACTUALLY HAS THE TRUTH doesn’t need to prove it or to defend it or persuade you or convince you… simply because it is THE TRUTH.
And simply because IT WORKS and simply because you will KNOW it is the truth.
GOD doesn’t need classes.
He doesn’t even need you to go to church.
You can believe in him anywhere, at any time.


Any questions about who is after your money and who is on your side?

I didn’t think so.

I pray that this may help you and inspire you.
May THE LORD bless you and keep you.