So here is some info about me:

I used to be a seeker.

In every possible way.

And I believed I was seeking GOD and also seeking in his name, I actually believed that it was him leading me and putting me on this quest in the first place.
It went on and on and on and never ended…
I got worse and worse and deeper and deeper into spiritual trouble.
I sought answers everywhere and from every one.
I looked for healing, for the truth, for teachers.

Until I discovered that I had fallen into one trap after another.
That I had looked for the truth and for love (of the spirit) in all the wrong places…

I only started to find what I had been looking for all along when I started to re-discover GOD.


By reading the bible.

Not by listening to what others said about GOD, about what turned out to be NOT GOD, but the enemy, satan, their false and fake god.

Without knowing it and wanting to, I had been enchanted by the enemy.

That’s when my REAL search for THE TRUTH began.

For THE ONLY TRUTH THERE IS, for GOD’s truth. The truth and the peace and the love of the god of Jacob and Isaac, Yahweh, Elohim, Eli, Adonai.

That’s when my understanding and healing began.
That’s when I realised what I had been doing and had been fooled by and trapped in.

I decided to share my story in order to help others find HIM, find HIS PEACE, the PEACE OF CHRIST, the love of Christ, the life WITH Jesus Christ.

I pray that my findings may bring you inspiration, blessings and help for your own journey home.