Let’s face it:
the earth, our human existence in the flesh is dominated, if not completely ruled by satan, his many agents and his numerous faces, shapes and sizes.

Why is that so?
Because we are not educated enough to escape and avoid his snares.
And he is not true, obvious, direct and upfront… most of all, he is not fair or just, like GOD is… and I think, not only do I think, but I have discovered and learned and experienced that this is also the reason why GOD lets him do what he does, steal what he is stealing, destroy what he can…
Because GOD loves us so much that he would never intrude. It is up to us whom we give our heart, soul and devotion.

This blog is about the snares and deceits and cons of the devil, the ones I found, the ones I suffered from and the ones I hope I can spare you by telling my story.

1 thought on “Home”

  1. Thanks for checking out my blog, The Little Red Wagon Blog and liking Curve Ball! It’s great connecting with you on WordPress! God keep drawing your heart to His and keep sharing His Truth!


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